If not you, who?

He says Active citizen participation for community building plays a predominant role in bringing forth a politically and environmentally sustainable, socially viable, morally acceptable and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. Really! What is Planet? Ah beg I don’t know that word!

He says the involvement of local communities and citizens at large in the political process is an essential part of democracy which creates a socially acceptable democratic environment that addresses the cultural and political influences of local and international communities with a decisive outcome. Hmm! Gbamology! How do I know that? I have no education!

He says humans, have come to this world with a purpose, which is to ignite a positive change in our lives and everyone around us by initiating positive thinking in a negatively influenced world. Ultimately bringing people closer together, building healthy communities and stable local political environments. Hun! The community keh? Mschew! What about me?

He says only a deserving candidate from within the community can understand the needs of the society and cope with the ever-evolving state of political affairs. Ahh Ahh! Is Alhaji Mike not deserving! He gave me a bag of rice and ₦5, 000 Naira last elections and see Ramadan is tomorrow, Xmas is the day after! He will be back with more. Ah beg leave me joh! We have a deserving Candidate! — — — — — — — — — — — —

Chai! Reverend Nneka come oh! My child is sick! The hospitals have no Medicine and the equipments are not working! My home was flooded by the Rains yesterday because the gutters are clogged with Garbage. The dog has died from eating the rat poison which we left for the rats! My boy George who got a first class at university of Bonny can’t get a job because they say he is unemployable! Dangote rice is now N15, 000 and the children are starving! There are no books in the schools and the roofs have come off! No money! No food! No roads! No Electricity! Zero health care! zero Education! Alhaji Mikes children all live in Europe and the USA. He drives a Rolls Royce around when he comes into town. His Mansion sits on half the community land and his wife has gone to London to have their baby! What do we do nah?

Haba Hajia! I have told you and your followers time and time again that biased or financially influenced campaigns can never create a true leader. Obviously, people who spend money on political campaigns always seek unjust benefits when they are elected, leading to corruption. The original purpose of improving the lives of others around gets compromised creating more problems. Is your situation better today than three or seven years ago? Ehen now! You have to begin to control the people that represent you politically

This flat refusal to see what is wrong in Alhaji Mike and his likes because he is your townsman is what you are paying the price for today. You must shed your ultra ethnic Blindness, Your skin deep Patriotism which promotes no one’s interest and the “Me, myself and I” attitude. The indolence, silence and violence must end!

Divide and rule is the strategy often played by Nigerian politicians to get the local support of the community. They create the division and tribal strife within the communities, and this must change if we want to save the lives of our children! HOW? Sister Yemisi, HOW?

Increased citizen participation in local governance. Increased public involvement in local politics and community work, to educating youths about democratic values and skills. These can change the fate of the entire economy/country. Our entire focus should always be on improving our lives and empowering others around us. G-57 is doing it. This new group has been introduced to promote Nigerian PUP culture of Prosperity, Unity, and Peace. To help Government and other stakeholders in the implementation and successful execution of practical initiatives taken towards fostering the community at large. In other words, the purpose of founding this group is to help build a strong Nigerian political community, where every stakeholder strives towards supporting strategic causes of others.

Ah Beg! This Grammar Is Too much!

Okay Then! FACT: What we as Nigerians demand is a good life in peace, great income and the freedom to pursue our happiness right?

FACT: The moral corruption that perhaps exists in our minds has to be put to an end if we want to excel as a nation.

FACT: Selecting morally just political leaders from within the community and supporting them with your money can help drive a culture of change which when implemented in Nigerian mainstream politics, will start to change our lives, and the country will begin to move towards a progressive path of positivity.

If not you, then who?

You must get involved first by using your Money collectively as a group to stop politicians Like Alhaji Mike from being elected. Every Penney counts. Spend your Money in electing the right candidates. Your ₦200; ₦500 or ₦1000 will make a difference. If you have no money contribute your time. Campaign for them. Go door to door if you must. That is how Prosperity, Unity, and Peace are achieved! After all, you are the one who can make a difference! If not you, then who? The Beninese? Ghanaian? Or Oyinbo? Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors of Opportunity

See Mallam Mofe. This is his third campaign. Even when he has won it’s been denied him. He is not rich but he’s content. He still lives in this community with us, and has refused to compromise. Totally dedicated to the improvement and progress of this local government. We all Know he is the better candidate but because he does not handout ₦,5000 and rice you do not support him and you’ve paid the price for it over and over again, but you do not learn. Now you grind your teeth as the children die of starvation and disease! Have you learnt now? It is only when this is achieved will there be a complete PUP culture in Nigeria! Opportunities don’t happen, you create them!

For how long will you continue to compromise the future of your children and your own lives for Rice and ₦5,000?

Every day you ask WHEN? When will it end? Who will change our society? NAH YOU NAU!!



By Hajia Nene Shukurat Lanval (Architect)