• All of black benefits plus
  • Confidentiality option
  • Secure communications
  • Right expectancy and quality of life planning
  • Legal standby services
  • Local and international business and governmental lobbying
  • Unlimited assist with local and global contacts
  • Access to global media as analyst and expert
  • Exclusive access to top global captains
  • Global conference keynotes and access
  • Access to major global platforms
  • 1×1 with global business access
  • High level global lobby and contacts
  • Access to international institutions and government
  • Exclusive entertainment access
  • Fractional private jet travel opportunities
  • Preventive health counseling
  • Fitness coaching
  • Business and executive coaching
  • Wealth preservation coaching
  • Asset diversification exposure
  • Medivac access
  • Press coaching
  • Other specialized services as needed