Attract a minimum of 10 million PUP Culture subscribers

  • Introduce The G57 to the world to explore mutual strategic interests for deepening democracy, enhancing security, eliminating the social strife of millions of Nigerians, strengthening institutions, stopping the mass exodus of Nigerians to Europe and dramatically expanding the economic and social benefits of the Republic to the average Nigerian
  • Evoke HOPE in people that solutions are here: growing the economy to $4trn in 8years
  • Seize the narrative: influence popular thinking for the emergence of purposeful leadership
  • Stir people’s conscience to the individual efforts they can make to make Nigeria great
  • Position PUP Culture as a brand that educates Nigerians on the true and real problems


  • Nigeria is respected globally as our economic base grows into a $4trillion economy in the next 8 years, (with visible growth already seen in first 2 years)
  • PUP Stars emerge: success stories
  • A new paradigm emerges; with the values of peace, unity and prosperity as the nationally acceptable metrics for endorsing and attaining to leadership
  • Morality becomes cool, the norm, and the Nigerian society and passport become desirables