Improve Primary Education, Health and Social Services


  • Access to reasonable and basic healthcare is virtually non-existent
  • Poor performance on the MDGs
  • Poor performance on preventive medicine
  • Surge of non-communicable diseases


  • Access to primary education and social services are poor
  • Children under 15 years old constitute 45% of the population
  • 40% of children 6-11years old do not attend primary school (Northern > Southern; Girls > Boys)
  • Quality of education and learning environment are poor
  • 100 students per teacher; inadequate number of schools
  • High drop-out rate (40-50%) due to socio-economic pressures
  • Poor access to schools due to impossible physical access (poor infrastructure development)


  • Reach the 50th percentile in primary education, health and social services in 8 years
  • Primary education grows from 30% of illiteracy to 98%
  • Nigeria is one of the top twenty countries with standard health in 20 years after hitting the $4,000,000,000 target in 8 years
  • There is a legal and economic protection for social services e.g. enacting laws that penalize any parent whose child is not in their school or attending another school