Leverage ICT global revenue potential to generate $300B and $1T GDP contribution in 4 and 8 years respectively and to reinvest the excess governmental revenue in social infrastructure

Global technology is a $3.7trillion per annum capacity industry. The Technology program of The G57 will support and enable the following:

  • Support emerging and small local companies concerned in developing and exporting technology based products and services
  • Inspire interaction between private and public sectors
  • Entice international technology companies and research organizations to locate their operations to Nigeria
  • Encourage commercialization of research and development within an ecosystem of universities, the public and private sector
  • Create and maintain international and national strategic relationships for potential future joint project opportunities
  • Enable international companies to outsource information technology and research resource needs to Nigeria (Business Process Outsourcing/IT Enabled Services)
  • Enable the Technology Economy in Nigeria drive part of the annual Global IT Revenues of $3.7trillion (hardware, software and services) towards the Nigerian economy


  • In 8 years $1trillion is generated from technology via building of call centers which helps Nigeria compete with countries like India and China, and in turn make all outsourced businesses be done locally here in Nigeria
  • Science, Technology and Engineering bring 80% employment to citizens under 30 years of age
  • The revenue generated is invested in agriculture and transportation, as Nigeria has the required land mass and population